1. No non-member residents of Winn Parish are allowed to use the golf course.

  2. Golfers may begin play on #1, #6 provided no one is within 100 yards of #5 green, #7 provided #6 is an open hole.

  3. Golfers completing play on #9 green have priority of #10 tee over #1 tee golfers.

  4. Children under 15 years of age will not be allowed to play without adult presence on Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

  5. Children under 15 years of age will not be allowed to drive a golf cart without adult present.

  6. Golf carts will be driven on cart paths around the greens, never driven between the cart path and the green.

  7. Golf carts will not be driven across tee boxes.

  8. Keep pull carts off greens.

  9. Bottles, cans and trash will be placed in proper containers and not scattered over the course where it ruins the scenery and our equipment.

  10. Slower players will let faster players play through, when the hole ahead is open.

  11. After five minutes search, a ball is considered lost and players must return to play.

  12. Repair all ball marks.

  13. Replace divots in fairway and on tees.

  14. On special days when a club tournament is in progress, no member who is not a tournament participant or a non-member will be allowed to play until the last group of the tournament has teed off for the final round.

  15. No swimming suits or men without shirts allowed on the course.

  16. All gasoline carts must be equipped with an effective muffler.

  17. Use the course as if it belongs to you, because it does.

  18. Rental carts are rented per 18 holes, not all day. You must pay for each 18 holes.

  19. Rental carts are priced per player per 18 holes.

  20. Outside beverages are not allowed on the course while the Pro Shop is open.

  21. Violations of the above rules should be reported by members to a member of the board.                    **Flagrant violations of the above rules may result in loss of playing privileges.


The following age classifications have been set by the Board of Directors and Tournament Committee and will apply to all Pine Ridge Golf events:

Senior Division- Reached age fifteen (15) and/or the ninth grade.

Junior Division- Any youth who has not reached age 15 and/or the ninth grade.                            

*Grade will be determined by the one presently in or just completed.

*There will be no granting of special privileges as any deviation from rules would establish a precedent.



Course Rules

Age Classifications

Effective August 1, 1986