It is recognized that the Pine Ridge Country Club is a private club, and the use of its facilities must be restricted almost entirely to its supporting members. However, in order for the Club to assume its proper place in the community and to attract prospective desirable members, the Board of Directors feels that limited use of the Club facilities should be made available to members of recognized non-profit community organizations.


To make arrangements to rent the clubhouse, contact the House Chairman, who has a current fee schedule and all regulations pertaining to rental of the clubhouse. A club member must sign an application form to rent the clubhouse and designated club member must be present at the function. The clubhouse may not be rented for the purpose of making money. No admission charge may be made to any function for which the clubhouse has been rented. Any club member renting the clubhouse for use by a Youth organization must name the chaperones who will be present at the function. The club member renting the club will be responsible for any damage to the building, fixtures, or equipment.


Decorations must not be applied so as to further mar walls, ceilings or furnishings. Decorations shall not be attached to light fixtures. Each person or organization must remove their own decorations from the clubhouse. NO LATER THAN THE DAY FOLLOWING THE FUNCTION. IF ANY DAMAGE IS NOTED RESULTING FROM VIOLATION OF ABOVE RULES. THE RENTER WILL FORFEIT THE DEPOSIT.


The designated club member, following the function shall:

  1. Check all fire hazards before leaving.

  2. See that all lights are turned off.

  3. See that all plumbing is O.K.

  4. See that all doors are locked.

  5. See that central air/heat is turned off. An additional charge of $50.00 will be assessed if air/heat is found turned on the following morning.

  6. Do not allow cars beyond the usual parking areas.

  7. See that all trash is placed in the proper containers outside the Clubhouse.


*Following such function the House Chairman will then arrange for cleaning the building and any necessary re-arrangement of furniture, with the exception as set forth in the application form.

*No club property will be taken from the clubhouse for any reason at any time.